18-19 апреля 2013г. – Курс для планировщиков, project control менеджеров, руководителей проектов, стоимостных инженеров и всех специалистов, вовлеченных в планирование и контроль «Effective Project Controls for Engineering & Construction Projects»

P896 Effective Project Controls for Engineering & Construction Projects

Presented by

Bassam Samman PMP, PSP, EVP

CEO and Founder of CMCS


Today, and more than ever, project owners, consultants and contractors are required to adopt best practices when it comes to managing their engineering and construction projects. No organization can afford to have their projects going out of control. Projects that finish late and over budget are results from failure to manage and control those projects.

In an engineering and construction project, the organization that will have the highest exposure to the damages and loses associated with project delays and budget overrun,

is the organization with the weakest project controls. Why? Because this organization will be the least capable of the project organizations to support their claims for compensation or to defend themselves against claims raised against them.

So can your organization afford to be the weakest link in the project delivery process? Can your organization afford to be blamed for project delays? Can your organization afford to be blamed for project budget overrun?

Learning Outcome

  • How to have an integrated project management control system
  • What are the objectives of the ePMCS modules in achieving the integrated ePMCS
  • How today’s available software applications can support ePMCS
  • How to implement each ePMCS module successfully
  • How to ensure that the ePMCS is conveying single version of the truth on project’s status

Who Should Attend

This course targets Program Managers, Project Managers, Design Managers, Construction Managers, Technical Managers, Project Control Managers and Engineers, Engineers and Planners, Information Commercial Managers, Cost Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Document Administrators and others.

In What Industries

Government, Real Estate Development, Aerospace, Defense, Engineering and Construction, Manufacturing and Indus- trial, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Water Utility Plants, Education and Training, Retail, Financial Services, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Automotive, Media Production, E-Business Enablers, Marketing and Sales, Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Management, Hospitality Management, Shipbuilding and Repair Yards.

Course Outline

Day One


  • Project and Program Related Definitions
  • Project Success and Delivery Pains
  • Project Life Cycle Stages and Stage Gates
  • Enterprise Project Management Control System (ePMCS) Modules
  • The ePMCS Team
  • Define The Project Responsibility Matrix (RAM)
  • ePMCS Tools

Planning and Scheduling

Determine What Level of Control You Want To Have?

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Establish Control Accounts

Developing the Project Schedule

  • Developing the Project Schedule
  • Establish the Project Baseline
  • Schedule Update

Developing the Project Resource Plan

  • Resources Breakdown Structure
  • Estimating Activity Resources Requirements
  • Develop the Resource Plan

Accelerating the Project Schedule

  • Acceleration Types
  • Cost Associated With Acceleration
  • Acceleration Methods

Schedule Delay Analysis

  • What is Schedule Delays
  • Type of Schedule Delays
  • Schedule Delay Damages
  • Time Impact Delay Analysis

Risk Management Module

Developing the Project Risk Register

  • Defining and Identifying Project Risks
  • Risk Likelihood, Impact and Score
  • Developing the Risk Register
  • Risk Response Actions

Monte Carlo Risk Simulation

  • Activity Risk Scenarios
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Schedule Confidence Charts
  • Schedule Tornado Reports

Day Two

Cost and Budget Control

Developing the Project Budget

  • Type of Project Costs
  • The Cost Breakdown Structure
  • How To Document The Direct and Indirect Cost of a Work Package
  • Developing the Project Cost Estimate
  • Developing The Project Budget

Controlling the Project Budget

  • Work Breakdown Structure and Control Accounts
  • What Budgets One Need To Control
  • The Earned Value Method
    • EV Definitions
    • EV Metrics
    • EV Reports

Managing Changes to Project Contracts

  • Type of Project Contracts
  • Type of Project Changes
  • Project Progress Payments
  • Developing The Cost Worksheet
  • Managing Budget and Commitment Contracts


Technical Session 08:30 - 14:00
Breaks 10:15 - 10:30 & 12:15 - 12:30
Lunch 14:00 - 15:00

About The Instructor

Bassam Samman PMP, EVP, PSP is CMCS CEO and Founder. Bassam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Kuwait University and a Masters Degree in Engineering and Administration from George Washington University. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Salford, UK. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a certified Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP) and Earned Value Professional (EVP). He is thoroughly experienced in complete Project Management including project management control systems, computerized PCS Software, risk analysis, site management, claims analysis and prevention and alternative dispute resolution. He has 30 years experience in Project Management Consultancy.

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